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Ear Piercings

Ear Piercings

Ear Piercings services offered in Joplin, MO

When your little one is ready to have their ears pierced, the team at Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri in Joplin, Missouri, can ensure their entire experience is a safe and positive one. Having your child’s ears pierced in a setting with medical professionals can reduce their risk of pain, infections, and other complications. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online to learn more.

What is an appropriate age for ear piercings?

Choosing whether or not to have your child’s ears pierced is deeply personal. It is not a decision you should take lightly. While there is no right age for ear piercings, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) advises parents to wait until their child can care for the piercing sites independently. 

Postponing until your child is mature enough to clean the piercing sites may reduce their risk of infection and scarring. Ensure a qualified professional performs the procedure in a sterile environment.

To ensure your child’s ear piercing is successful, Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri offers this procedure at their office.

How can I prepare my child for ear piercings?

Ear piercing should be a fun, positive experience for your child. If your child has shown interest in having their ears pierced and is old enough to take on the responsibility, they may be ready for piercings. 

Preparing your child for ear piercings is essential to ensure a stress-free experience. To help your child get ready for their piercing visit, you should:

  • Bring a comfort item to the appointment (stuffed animal, blanket, toy, etc.)
  • Talk about the steps involved in piercings
  • Share a positive piercing experience
  • Discuss their earring options

The team at Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri may provide additional pre-piercing instructions depending on your child’s unique needs and medical history.

What happens during ear piercings?

Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri invests in medical-grade equipment to perform piercing, which can yield safer results than piercing guns at retail locations. The treatment itself is relatively quick and only takes a few minutes. 

After applying an anesthetic to the earlobe, the team inserts a sterile needle to puncture the skin. Finally, they insert an earring. They repeat this process on the other ear, ensuring the piercings look symmetrical. 

What is the aftercare like for ear piercings?

Caring for your child’s piercing is essential to prevent infection and scarring. The team at Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri may recommend that you:

  • Leave the earrings in for at least six weeks to keep the holes open
  • Cleanse and rotate the posts of the earrings regularly
  • Avoid touching the earrings unless you’re cleaning them
  • Avoid swimming for a few weeks

While your child may be drawn to jewelry that dangles, they must wear studs until their ears fully heal.

Call Pediatric Associates of Southwest Missouri today or schedule an appointment online to learn more about ear piercings.